Season 2020 Opening Status

by | May 21, 2020 | Blog, FAQ

ADIRONDACK EXTREME is open as of Wednesday, June 10th 2020. Reservations are required. 

Regrettably, Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course will not open Friday, May 22 as previously announced. When New York State granted Statewide Low-Risk Outdoor Recreation permission to re-open our team assembled a comprehensive protocol that exceeds CDC and WHO Guidelines. Our COVID-19 protocols include but are not limited to a social distancing of more than 12ft, training groups/families of five or less, and ground patrol visual management to enforce distancing rules.

Sadly, Adirondack Extreme’s NAICS Code has been changed, reclassifying us with Amusement Parks slated to open upon Phase 4 permission, and have been told we are not authorized to operate at this time. We are counting the days until we can resume all outdoor activity within our 12-acre park with 2-miles of elevated treetop elements.

From our tribe of dedicated staff, stay well.