Dear Climbing Team & Guides,

Thank you so much!!! Our family had a wonderful time and it would not have been possible without your help. As a family with a child who has special needs, there are many who would have simply asked us to hop off the course because we were holding up the line. Not only did you all help our son complete the course, but you also made him feel so good about the experience that he is excited to come back and try to complete all four courses!!!! I cannot tell you how grateful we are! We work really hard to help our children to understand that physical disabilities only hold people back when people give up or don’t try at all, and your team showed them that today. 

Our guide Izzy’s worked so hard to help our son complete the course, she was amazing!!! Izzy, you not only encouraged Samuel, but you made him brave enough to hope and even believe in himself that he could do more In the future. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!!! 

We don’t have a lot of money but definitely will make sure to make this place a part of our annual family vacation tradition.

Blessing to you guys!!!


Rebecca K.

Me & my family have visited here twice the last two years. Its an awesome experience and even gives kids the options of a “kids course” which is a great way to incorporate families with younger kids. The courses are super fun and challenging. Great way to bond with friends & family. The staff is also super awesome and prepared. From rescueing people that want to come down, and also to injuries. My mothers ankle was hurting her (from a previous sprain a year ago) and they free big water bottles as ice packs which i thought was very cute. They obviously also have first aid kits on the go in case of any serious emergencies. By far a great experience and something that has become a routine wen i go to lake george. Highly recommend! ?

Danielle P.

Hello to Jamie and all of your amazing staff,

I wanted to thank you so much for being so accommodating, and for the excellent way in which you treated everyone in our group. Students and chaperones alike agreed that this was the best field trip they had ever been on! We have all been raving about it, and I would not be surprised if you get other groups from Wahconah in the future (I have told them to plan their timing better than I did!). I know that several of the students and chaperones are already making plans with their families for another trip to Bolton Landing!

Thanks again

Cathy G.

I just wanted to say thank you! My wife and I traversed the course on May 8th and loved it! We are working on organizing our soccer and volleyball teams to make the trip up for an outing. We had a great time, thanks again!

Jeff P.

Jamie: I just wanted to thank you and your staff one more time for doing such a great job with our junior high kids yesterday. Everything worked out perfectly. I want you to know that the adults on the trip were super impressed with one of your guides (Collin). He went above and beyond to help our blind student. That experience made a huge impact on our blind student and other special education students that were on the course. We were absolutely amazed at how well they did. Thanks again and we hope to come back up next year.

Mike C.

Shaker Junior High School

I just wanted to say thanks for the great time we had at ADK extreme yesterday. I drove up from Buffalo and met my niece from NJ and spent our saturday morning playing with our inner monkeys. We had a great time and really enjoyed playing on your adult playground!

I just wanted to let you know that your staff was great and very helpful. They were very polite in making corrections where needed and they exercised great patience with the group ahead of ours which was obviously more challenged by the course than most of your guests. It was nice to see that there was always someone within sight range if we had needed help along the way. I felt very comfortable up in the trees and thought that the mini course we did before going out was a great way to get a feel for what to expect once we were on the course itself.

I really enjoyed the morning and am looking forward to returning with more of my friends later this summer.

By the way…I’m also no where near as sore as I anticipated I would be…


Absolutely fantastic day. I was there on Friday with my daughter and her friend and it was an incredible adventure. Highly recommend to everyone who are thrill seekers. Staff very outgoing and friendly. Lodge great place to hang out when waiting for the ones doing the courses. My 17 year old daughter did all 5 courses and she was exhausted but thrilled. She’s planning on coming again! Thank you for a wonderful experience.

Jeannette L.

I want to say thanks for helping us to have a great day. The staff are still talking endlessly about it and sharing photos and will be for days.

They had a fantastic time, start to finish. The guides working with us were super supportive and helpful (and we asked a lot of questions and had several people need to be lowered) and we really appreciate it!

Several of our crew are planning trips with families or youth groups now – you guys were a big hit!

Tracy T.

As Seen On Trip Advisor:
I googled unique fun adventures in the Adirondacks and planned a family trip around this extreme adventure. My teen girls 17 and 19 and my husband and I both 50 loved this amazing most challenging arial act. The young guides were awesome and gave a sense of security as they watched us tackle the course. Individually and as a family we were proud that we conquered the 5 adult courses. You must go! Our Sagamore Hotel stay was a perfect ending.

As Seen On Yelp:
Ok, so let me just tell you that the last time I exercised was maybe a few months ago. When I mean a few months ago I really mean probably a year ago.

I’m gun-ho about doing anything out of the ordinary though so when my boyfriends family decided to do this action pack military style adventure course my boyfriend was a bit hesitant and I would rather go ride horses because well, its what I knew how to do already. It was 6 of us that went on to partake in this extreme adventure.

When I got there I saw little old ladies, children and older gents. I thought to myself… “really, this is an action packed extreme course?”

We get to the front desk and sign in. We’re given an option of prices which varied.

First they give you a harness to wear so you wont fall from 60 feet up in the trees. Which I didn’t know we would be going up that high. That’s still not an issue though. But misleading to a smart*** that thinks she can do anything if old ladies and children are flying through the course that you see in the front of the sitting area.

The guide checks my harness and makes sure that I didn’t screw anything up. Sweet. I’m ready to rip this place apart, get over with it and go find a place that has lattes or any other form of coffee.

After giving us the safety talk we head on over to the demo area. My group, being an awesome group flew through the instructional course and we were ready to rip through this.

Mistake number one: Just because you think the course in the front was the main course, you are sadly mistaken. That was the kids course and that went up in the air 15 feet! That was FOR KIDS! Im screwed.

The five courses here for adults are:

GREEN = Minimum Elevation/Minimum Skill
BLUE = Medium Elevation/Medium Skill
SILVER = Advanced Elevation/Medium Skill
RED = Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill
BLACK = Advanced Elevation/Advanced Skill
All courses are optional. There are guides all throughout the entire facility and you are harnessed into the guide lines for safety. In case you fall, lose your footing, arms tire out and you would rather the harness carry your weight so you can get the heck out of there. Ok the last part was a no no. They even tell you not to do that but at the time it was wishful thinking. In case you can not complete the course and you need help getting down a guide will assist you.

First course was in my opinion was the most difficult. You are not use to the swaying logs, bridges and wires for walking on. As time goes on, you catch on to your ability to maneuver through that and smoothly get to the next section.

As you get more inside the courses you start to notice that… “holy cow I’m really high up in the trees!” You are now 60 feet high in the trees. I’m not afraid of heights, but wow this was different. The only difficult part I think in the first four courses was the rope swing. There was no grip on the rope to hold on to so it was a bit difficult to not feel scared about falling, even though I was quite secured with the harness. The climbing, wire walking, zip lining were so much fun.

Finally got to the fourth course and I was completely drained. I have no upper body strength so I was extremely tired already by the time I got to this course.

This course really challenges you mentally and physically. It was a ton of fun though. I didn’t bother with the last course (black). I had already in my mind told myself that I was too tired and I knew my limitations. My boyfriend did it though and he completed the course in under an hour.

One of the guides beat the course in under 30 minutes and by course I mean all FIVE courses. It took us three and a half hours. I’m going back next year to do all five courses.

As Seen On Trip Advisor:
Kids complaining…..again! “I don’t want to go, I want to stay here.” Thankfully, we reserved and couldn’t cancel in time. Needless to say, they had the time of their vacation! We have four boys, ages 7, 8, and twin 10 year olds. Dad stayed with little guys on the children’s course, Mom went up high in the trees with bigger boys. What a blast! Mom wanted to go onto level 5 but twins were done at the end of level four.

Tips: either bring a bag lunch and cooler of water or come just after eating. You will want to stay on the course for a couple to few hours. Our mistake was to arrive at 10:30am without packing a lunch. At 1:00pm, everyone was hungry. Mom would have stayed longer and finished course five if she didn’t have a group of wimpy boys in tow! Ha!

As Seen On Trip Advisor:
The adventure course is a unique idea. We went with our 22 and 19 year old sons. They had an incredible time as did my husband and I. There are 5 courses getting progressively harder and higher. They are VERY strict on safety which is what you want when you are 40-60 feet off the ground in the trees. There are a large variety of obstacles and zip lines on every course. I myself made it on 4 out of the 5 courses. My sons and my husband did complete the 5th course with a little difficulty but had an incredible time and a feeling of accomplishment. It is an extremely well run attraction. We cannot wait to go back again and do it all over again. It is a great thing to do with older kids but there are also courses for younger kids. There is something for everyone and you can stop whenever you feel you have reached your limit. It takes about 3.5 hours to do all 5 courses. An excellent way to spend a day in the Lake George area.

Hi My friend and I were there on 6/14/10, and we loved it. The staff member who did our training course was great and he stayed with us until it got busy. He talked about the course and gave us hints. Just wanted to say what a great time we had, I can’t wait to come back and bring my family since I told them how fun it was.

Thanks again!!

Karen T.

This place IS the bomb!!! 
Forget about Great Escape!! LOL
No matter how many courses you choose to do, this place is not only a “fun adventure” – but, believe me, this “adventure” will be an experience like you have never had before! – You will walk away from this place not only having had the time of your life, but, you will also discover a new part of you that you never knew existed – as you conquer so many fears and doubts, with each and every accomplishment, you will gain a completely unique, internal sense of confidence, determination, and perseverance! 

Another great thing about this place, is that, everything, from beginning to end, is so well organized. All of the staff members are so highly trained and are constantly walking around the grounds observing. So, if it’s just a question you have, or you need assistance/coaching with an obstacle, or, you have simply reached your limit, they are always right there.
MOST IMPORTANTLY, though, is their stance on SAFETY. Here, it is absolutely THE most important and emphasized thing.
Before you start the courses, one of the guides conducts about a 30 minute training session with every time slot’s group. The guide is very clear, concise, and to the point regarding their safety policies and procedures that you MUST follow while on any of the courses…. They demonstrate these safety techniques as well. 
Today was my 2nd time at Adirondack Adventure… I went through all 6 courses. From both of my experiences, I can guarantee you that their safety SYSTEM (embedded throughout every obstacle, designed to work in harmony with the equipment you are wearing) and safety PROCEDURES, are truly fail- proof… In other words, as long as you follow the safety procedures, there is absolutely no way you can fall from any obstacle.

This is truly the most fun, exciting, “enrichment” adventures I’ve ever taken part in!! 
I absolutely recommend YOU DO, TOO!!

Michelle G.

Great family fun time! The staff were awesome and made us feel very comfortable.

Lara H.

I just wanted to express our gratitude on behalf of the girl scouts and parents. We had a great time and appreciate your beautiful facility and wonderful staff. Many of us plan to return again with other family members and friends.

Thank you


Just a comment…I visited with a whole bunch of people two weeks ago and my reservation was misplaced. You guys scrambled and still got us out on the course. I really appreciate the effort and great service. A number of us came back the following week and also had a great time. Thanks for the adventure and I will certainly repay you by spreading the good word about Adirondack Extreme.

I was in the 5-person 8:30am group on Saturday, July 30. The entire experience was great, but I just wanted to give an extra compliment to one of your employees in particular. The guy directing/coaching people at the Leap of Faith is perfect for that spot (I’m sure you have various people that work there, but it was at about 11:00am, if that helps). It took me a while to get the courage to walk off the ledge, but he was patient and extremely helpful. Just wanted to make sure he gets some acknowledgment for being awesome!


Dear Adirondack Extreme,

I would completely recommend you guys to anybody and everybody I know. A group of people and I decided to head up to Adirondack Extreme to celebrate my birthday on July 17th. After a bit of a late start and an hour 1/2 drive, we all arrived at about noon. We were all high spirited and excited to tackle what was thrown at us. I thought it would be okay for six people to go without a reservation. However, we were politely informed that they were booked and could reserve us in three hours. After checking with the group, we decided to grab a bite to eat and come back. When we came back, we signed the waiver and received our harnesses. We went to the demonstration course and after about 15 to 25 minutes, they let us start. When they said Adirondack EXTREME… They were NOT kidding. I expected a few climbing courses and some zip lines. It was a fully loaded with every challenge in the trees you can think of. There were also plenty of zip lines and you could go at your own pace. A friend of mine said, “Whoever thought of all of this is a genius.” I was terrified in the beginning but with adrenaline and determination, I began to full appreciate every challenge. All six of us made it through the first three courses without a break. One friend who had a baby three weeks ago sat out after three courses. I was completely impressed with her tenacity to do three. Four of us completed to the ending of course four and one of us completed all five courses. You NEED to have upper body strength to get through course five. I stopped in the middle of course five because my arms hurt and simply… my body was just exhausted and done. One of the guides reassuringly came up to get me and lowered me down from about 30 feet. All of us cannot wait to go back and I am personally looking forward to completing the fifth course. Thank you for being host to one of the most amazing birthday’s in my twenty six years!

Amanda C.

Dear Adirondack crew,

I am so sorry… when I got home, my husband told me about the message (when you were trying to locate us). He said we had a 9:00 climb time? I’m so sorry – I got the time mixed up – I thought we were supposed to be there for 9:30, for a 10:00 climb time. I don’t know where I got my wires crossed… Here I was upset, because we were 1/2 hr. late, and we were actually 1 1/2 hrs late! Thank you for still taking us, even though we were so late. I would have been ticked, if I was you guys – you must have thought we were no-shows, by the time we finally arrived…

My whole troop wants to thank you guys – we had a FABULOUS time. Steve was a wonderful guide – he was helpful and encouraging when we were in the trees, and very patient when some of the girls were hanging from cables : ) Getting one of my girls, off of the last obstacle on the silver course, was a bit of a challenge, but he remained good natured and playful, as he struggled to drag her across. Way to go Steve! I didn’t catch your name, but whoever was in the shop, and helped me get patches for the girls, made a lot of happy Girl Scouts. Thank you to you too!

This event was a wonderful experience for the girls – something they might never do on their own. Almost every one of the girls, at some point, said “I can’t do this, I want to get down”. Every one of them ended up going further after they had said that. Some girls left the course earlier than others, but they all accomplished sections they didn’t think they could. I think every single one of them went home excited about the trip – even the ones who were scared out of their minds. I suspect some of them may never do it again, but I think they’re glad (and proud) that they did it once. A few of them asked me about the cost, on the way home, because they want to go back with their families! I suspect my sister and I will be back again at some point – it will be my 3rd visit : )

Thanks again, for having such a wonderful, unusual, safe, friendly experience to share. I have told many people about it, and I intend to continuing to spread the word. It was hard work, and I’m really sore right now, but I am already trying to figure out who I want to ask along next summer.

Holly S.
Leader – Highgate Cadette Troop 30203

PS – I’m every bit as proud of my own achievements on the course, as the girls are of theirs. I wasn’t as afraid as many of them, but my body is way older…

Holly S.

Leader - Highgate Cadette Troop 30203

As Seen On Trip Advisor:
I just went to Adirondack Adventure with my boyfriend (both in our early 20s) and we had an excellent time! I’m writing this glowing recommendation despite the fact that every inch of my body aches from completing all courses back-to-back yesterday. It’s so much fun and definitely worth the soreness and money!

We went on a Sunday and it seemed pretty packed. You should make reservations in advance. After being harnessed in and given a quick overview, you were pretty much on your own to go through the courses without any guides up on the actual course (they were scattered on the ground below if needed for assistance).

The variety of obstacles, difficulty, and height made the whole experience interesting and challenging without feeling monotonous. The zip lines during the course were my favorite parts – you could just jump off and relax for a few moments while enjoying the beautiful forest rushing past you. There were also interesting components added to the course like rock climbing, rope swings, tight ropes, nets, etc. I felt completely comfortable with the safety equipment/measures provided without it compromising the feeling of freedom you get when gliding between the treetops.

At some points, the course became a bit backed up and you had to wait for slower people in front of you. However, the guides watching from the bottom did try to manage the pace and allow smaller/faster groups to pass larger/slower ones. Once you reach the end of the course – you won’t mind having to take a break every once in a while. During the third course, we had no one behind or in front of us and we flew through it and had the chance to take some funny pictures and watch other people on different levels around us.

Definitely bring water, preferably in a bottle that clips to you, because the obstacles can be very tiring and take a lot out of a person. The final “Black course” will surely be a stretch for people who don’t normally exert themselves (especially upper body muscles) on a regular basis. If you have a bad back or anything, I wouldn’t recommend it. However, I’m very petite and rarely do any physical activity and I was able to finish. Once you start the last course, you push yourself to that final zip line at the end!

I dropped my sunglasses off my head doing the inverted zip line (they threw them back up to me) so I don’t recommend bringing them. I didn’t need sunglasses or sun block- the tree tops provide great shade so you stay cool. I’d recommend pants with zip pockets for a phone or camera to take some great pictures. Oh! And purchase the $3 gloves if you plan on going to the black course because your hands will burn all day from the ropes!

Overall, you might be in desperate need of a massage the next day but you can walk away with bragging rights and/or memories of a unique nature experience.

As Seen On Trip Advisor:
I would definitely recommend this as a top attraction when visiting the Lake George area. All the workers/ guides are young but, they are very informative, professional, and willing to help anytime you ask or if they see you struggling on an obstacle they will give you advice to get it done. Not for the couch potato, you will get a serious upper body workout. As other reviewers have stated, pack a cooler for lunch and have a great day!!!

As Seen On Yelp:
I would give this place six stars if I could. Or more, for that matter. SUCH a challenging and fun place to spend a morning or afternoon climbing, swinging, and using your muscles amidst the treetops. Have come here now two years in a row during our family vacation to Bolton Landing, and have loved it each time. The place is so incredibly professional and well-run, and no matter what our physical ability, everyone in the family always manages to have a blast and challenge ourselves. Love it, and looking forward to next year already.

Thanks for a really great time!!! It was great fun and a great challenge. All of the course staff were just great…Jason & Colin did our demo/instruction and were helpful throughout the course. My daughter got all the way through the 5 courses, and felt such a sense of accomplishment. My son attempted the 5th course, and he also was so proud that he had completed the 4 courses, and started the 5th. It is incredible just how much stamina it takes! And my son’s friend also was thrilled. He was not sure about doing the activity at first, and got finished with the first two courses, and elected to take a break. He did the zipline a couple of times and then watched the team work together to get a man down out of the course. For whatever reason, he decided he wanted to do the silver course, and so started! He talked himself thru it and got to the end with a great sense of accomplishment! It was great to see him overcome his own hesitate and be proud of what he did!

All three are already talking about coming next year!

Thanks again for a great experience!


This place rules! I came with a party of 10 and we got a discount for being a large group and another discount for selecting a certain amount of courses provided, which made this experience even more affordable than I had imagined! The staff was so friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours and when we left, we discussed after the stories certain staff had told us and just about themselves and their lives and it was so nice. Everyone we encountered at Adirondack Extreme was patient and caring. I can’t wait to go back and try to do more courses!