Lake George Area Attraction Opens Zipline Only Course

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Blog

Lake George area attraction prepares for more adventure.

Bolton Landing, NY – Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course announced the addition of its “Low Rider Zip Tour,” an introductory zipline course designed for first-time, novice zipline adventurers as well as seasoned obstacle course veterans consisting of 12 ziplines and 9 walking bridges. “The difference between our zipline-only course and other traditional zip tours is its proximity to the ground,” said Adirondack Extreme Owner, Jamie Johnson, “It’s a low-level zipline tour multi-generational families can enjoy together.” Each of the ziplines in the “Low Rider Zip Tour” will be 75 to 550 feet in length and traverse over naturally occurring, picturesque landscape features such as Alder Brook. Adirondack Extreme’s 8 other adventure courses offer an additional 22 ziplines as part of an ensemble of obstacles and range in heights of 15 to 65 feet. Johnson said, ‘Low Rider Zip Tour’ guests will be zipping closer to the water and forest floor with maximum zipline heights of 10-30ft.”

According to operations manager Jaime Delong, the “Low Rider Zip Tour” will be offered as a stand-alone tour for $48 as well as an add-on for as little as $10. Guests aged 9 and up who meet the reach requirement will have a chance to experience the “Low Rider Zip Tour”.

Pro tip: If you’re afraid of heights, the “Low Rider Zip Tour” will quench your thirst for adventure without the threat of being too far off the ground.

There will also be packages including parts of our adventure courses combined with the “Low Rider Zip Tour” available for general admission as well as groups: Adirondack Extreme hosts birthday parties, field trips, and corporate events — Johnson said, “after all, there’s nothing like the thrill of a treetop experience to re-connect and foster the togetherness we now hold so valuable.”

Note: if this has you wanting to spend every day here: Adirondack Extreme Adventure Course is hiring. The course is looking to fill seasonal positions. If you’re interested, DeLong recommends you apply online.